How Will Ur Marriage be Remembered?Marriage is defined by memories.

In the early years R memories of passion & anticipation.

Later come unexpected Events, Challenges, & Disappointments.

The events of life will lead either to memories of joy & fulfillment

or pain & heartbreak.

So much depends on how U cultivate

the most important relationship in Ur life.

Youíve already begun to accumulate memories about Ur life together.

What R they? Will U remember triumphant moments when

U stood together through adversity?

Will U remember growing closer to Ur

soul mate than U ever thought possible?

1 essential key to a marriage of positive memories is

remembering to set aside time for it Ö

to think about it, to assess it.

& to learn how to make it work.


In our culture today. Thereís no shortage of ideas on what makes marriage work.

But Godís Word still contains the best advice for restoring hope & regaining the thrill of a lifelong partnership. The intricacies of life can complicate any marriage & create tension. Itís easy to feel confused or angry, frustrated & alone.



No matter where U R in the process, now is the time to take steps that will make Ur marriage everything that God intended it to be.



Source of reference: Weekend to Remember